Vitamins & OTC Drugs

We deliver a range of vitamin supplements. Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins found in food sources. They are given to completed an incomplete diet. Vitamins have a lot of beneficial role in our body defined below:
At Castle Pharmacy, we aim at the following to provide the best in class service pharmacy service in Atwater CA.
Our Shop is designed in a very strategic manner to help you find your vitamins right inn front of you categarized under Multivitamins. Visit our store to experience an amazing hassle free experience.

Over the counter drugs

We offer much variety of over the counter drugs. We sell them with proper guidance and instructions. OTC or over the counter drugs are medicines sold directly without any prescription. Some drugs are legally classified as OTC but are sold by pharmacists only. OTC drugs include medicines for allergies, pain, cough, common cold, etc.

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